Advantages To Annulment  

Divorce or dissolution of marriage is completely different from annulment of marriage. An annulment proclaims that a marriage never took place and there are no legal implications attached to it. Couples, who had a short spell of marriage, are most likely to adopt it than average people who are more comfortable with divorce and its subsequent benefits.

Divorce by and large is associated with a social and religious stigma, while annulment does not harm a person’s religious standing. This is perhaps the biggest advantage of annulment. Also, the process of annulment takes less time as compared to divorce if all the papers are in right order. The cost involved is also some what less.

The process of annulment, however, becomes cumbersome if child custody is involved and if the length of marriage is too long. There are no time frames for receiving annulment. The property distribution or spousal support might not be considered.

Many people approach church for the annulment. The Catholic Church has its own procedure for annulling a marriage. The children from an annulled marriage are considered legitimate.

For proving a marriage as null and void, it must fulfill certain criteria like impotency, younger age of the spouse, falsifying previous marriage, blood relation, concealment of facts etc. The good thing about annulment is that if one feels that he or she did not have a real marriage, the court agrees with it! The "marriage" is relieved legally, as if it never existed. If one finds a soul mate, the law gives them an opportunity to start afresh.

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Annulment-Cost      The annulment costs are less than the divorce cases. Urban areas are liable to be costlier. The maximum expenditure incurred in filing a petition in the court could be anywhere from $200 to $1,000. The cases which needs to be expedited an additional $25 is needed. More..




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