Procedures In Annulment Of Marriage  

Annulment of marriage is a legal procedure. The gateway to annulment process is to ascertain the reasons behind annulling a marriage. There could be various reasons for instance the spouse has not attained the legal marriageable age or the spouses have some genetic connection that they did not disclose at the time of getting married. Illegally concealing some facts such as impotency, sexually transmitted disease, prior illicit condemnation or that a spouse is already legally married are some of the grounds for annulment of marriage. There could be few other common reasons also like forcible marriage or unstable mental and physical state.

Once the causes are discovered the next step is to appeal in the court through a written petition to annul the marriage .When a couple is married for a short period, getting an annulment is somewhat easier as they do not have to pass through tedious process of settling property issues and child custody. In case of couples with longer marriages, child custody becomes an important issue and this particular aspect is dealt in the same manner as in divorce cases. As far as property issues, sharing of marital assets, clearing of previous debts are considered, the same guidelines are adopted as in alimony.

The next step to annulment is summons from the court to analyze the facts given in the written petition in court. If the court ascertains that the facts produced are correct, then the court issues a verdict for annulling the marriage.

The children from an annulled marriage are not considered illegal. Child custody follows the same procedure as in divorce. Thus, a child surfaced out of an annulled marriage enjoys all the benefits as in a divorce case based on the age and terms and conditions of marriage.

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