What Is The Difference Between Annulment And Divorce ?  

Divorce and marriage annulments, both are legal ways of ending a marriage but still they are different in various ways. While an annulment refers to the legal procedure canceling the marriage and making it void completely, divorce is actually a dissolution or end of a marriage. Whereas an annulment creates conditions where it is considered that no such marriage ever happened or eliminates it legally, divorce ends the existing marriage through legal ways after which both the partners are free to remarry.

An annulment can be asked by any of the partners in a marriage but there are certain specific grounds on which it can be filed. The person also needs to prove the grounds on which he or she is seeking annulment. Divorce is considered to be complicated than the annulment due to the fact that every state follows their own laws in terms of divorce and annulment cases but in a divorce case, the marital assets get divided among the partners and the debts too need to be settled.

The grounds on which annulment and divorce can be claimed are also a bit different which differentiate these two processes. The other very important difference among these two is that marriage annulment is much socially accepted than the divorce and this makes people go for annulment rather than divorce. Also, the proceedings are entirely different ion both these cases. While in divorce, parents may claim the custody of their children which are considered their own, in annulment, the children out of the marriage are taken as illegitimate children.

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What Is The Difference Between Annulment And Divorce ?

Basis-For-Annulment      Annulment of a marriage is a lawful practice that suspends married status of a couple by instituting that an official wedding not at all subsisted. The outcome is it completely abolishes the marriage, giving the couples their previous solo status. It is a familiar misunderstanding that the short duration marriages often get canceled, but the truth is that the duration of marriage can never be an eligible reason. Normally, for any marriage to get acknowledged as annulled, a valid reason is required. More..




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What Is The Difference Between Annulment And Divorce ? )
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