Effects Of Domestic Violence Child Abuse  

Being a witness to domestic violence is a form of child abuse. Children who experience this more often develop emotional problems, and cognitive and behavioral disorders. Witnessing domestic violence is akin to a psychological trauma. Parents may think that their actions are not directly affecting the children physically, but these actions give a child many indirect injuries.

Infants who experience spousal violence have traits like poor health, sleeping disorders and frequent screaming.

A mother, who is actually the primary care taker of an infant, remains in a stressful environment, she is more likely to reject the basic needs of her baby and such a rejection could result in emotional deprivation. Infants always look for the signs of emotions from their principal care taker -- the mother. They try to copy her emotions. Witnessing negative emotions frequently could, therefore, be very harmful.

By the time infant becomes a toddler, they start linking reasons to emotional expressions. An outburst of anger distresses them. When they see their parents in conflict characterized by verbal or physical abuse, they more or less develop the same behavior patterns, and tend to get into fights with their peer frequently.

The immediate effects could be frequent illness, severe shyness and low self esteem, hitting or biting. When the children start going to school, they relate themselves to the conflict. They show certain abnormal behavior such as not being able to make friends, and not taking part in any form of activities or hobbies.

The effects of domestic violence in boys surface in the form of aggression, and in girls in the form of depression. As they reach adolescence, the most common effect of domestic violence on kids is lack of interest in studies resulting in them dropping out of school, exhibiting criminal behavior, and difficulty in sustaining any relationship.

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Effects Of Domestic Violence Child Abuse )
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