Effects Of Sexual Abuse As A Child  

Sexual abuse as a child has long lasting effects. These effects depends more on the type of abuse experienced by the victim. Sexual abuse could be molestation, intercourse, rape etc. Memories do not fade away, and time and again they keep haunting the mind leading to psychological problems like panic, unknown fears, insomnia, nightmares, tantrums, sudden outbreak of anger, afraid of being touched physically, and detesting own body.

The victim develops certain behavior that leads to self destruction like consuming excessive alcohol, drugs or prostitution, and this results in depression.

A person who has experienced sexual abuse as a child generally remains aloof from the society and remains under stress. They are afraid of being in a relationship, and often turn out to be a person with low self esteem and confidence.

Sexual abuse makes the victim afraid of making love, they often avoid it. They relate sexual moves to past memories and get problems on being aroused. The love making actually becomes a painful affair. The victims of sexual abuse often have physical complaints, more commonly pain which is incomprehensible. The pain could be felt in abdomen, sexual organs, shoulders, head, eyes or any other part of the body. They normally complain about stomachaches, nausea and eating disorders leading to abnormal intestinal functions.

The immediate effects of sexual abuse in children are that they try to isolate themselves from others. They avoid going to school, playing with friends or mingling with others. They avoid talking about the trauma, and more often become silent. As time passes by and the victim attains significant age, memory gradually gets buried. These can be, however, brought back if required for psychological treatments by psychoanalysis and therapy.

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Facts-About-Child-Abuse      Children are the torch bearers of any nation. Incapacitation of children through abuse will yield fresh cases of violence in the future. Children have the right to protection, and none of them should be abused at any point of time. More..




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