Why Does Child Abuse Happen ?  

Incidence of child abuse sends a shiver down one’s spine. Most wonder what could initiate such a heinous reaction towards an innocent child. There are plenty of speculations linked to reasons of child abuse.

One of the strongest viewpoints with respect to the reasons is the mental illness of the abuser. The person indulging in this act may not be in a mental capacity to understand the fallouts of the act. This could be basic reasoning as one cannot fathom a complete sane person resorting to such a remorseful act. Sometimes, abuse could be the result of stress especially in financially insufficient families.

However, the perception that child abuse only occurs in families belonging to low financial strata is far from truth. Some parents indulge in child abuse in anticipation of disciplining their wards. Last but not the least, one of the most bizarre reasoning comes from a section of people who believe that the abused himself or herself evokes this response.

The fact remains that there are no precincts to child abuse. No child deserves or desires to be inflicted with this dreadful act. The abuser alone is the culprit. The logical aspect that could answer the query of why the abuse happens at all is that it is probably linked to the desire of complete control. The abuser perhaps wants to exert control on the child’s mind, body and soul. This power or authority gives a certain high to the abuser who keeps indulging in the same for gaining further control.

Nevertheless, human mind is an extremely complicated organ and it is impossible to analyze or comprehend what goes inside the same. Whatever said and done, child abuse is an unpardonable offense as could tarnish a child’s personality in all respects.  

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Why Does Child Abuse Happen ? )
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