Children And Divorce And Negative Effects  

Divorce though brings several changes in life of both the partners but the one who is most affected by such a decision are the children out of such marriages. There are several negative effects that are associated with divorce and are faced by such children.

Several studies have been conducted in this regard and there are certain very important points that came up during these studies or research:

  • It has been found that the children out of such couples deal with depression and develop several kinds of disorders. Such children are seen to fail in their schools and also getting in various troubles with law.
  • The decision itself can bring chaos and trauma to such children as it affects them mentally as well as emotionally. They may lose their self esteem, confidence and patience. Such children are likely to become quite violent, reluctant and impatient with the passage of time.
  • Children develop feelings of argument, discontent, and breaches of their trust. Some other different feelings include fear, anxiety, anger, grief, denial, etc.
  • The behavior of these children may also show changes like they become extremely blunt and may express their discontent to other people in a very wrong way.
  • Such children feel rejected as their parents keep fighting for their custody and during the whole process the children lacks emotional and mental support which makes them feel extremely unwanted and lost.
  • Children may lose their belief in relationships and may fear getting into any.

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Children And Divorce And Negative Effects

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Children And Divorce And Negative Effects )
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