Divorce Rate Statistics  

Divorce is a very painful procedure that involves lots of emotional pain and stress. The divorce rate has risen exponentially in the last few years. It is believed that in the United over fifty percent of the marriages end in divorce. Statistically, a person, who has more than one marriage, the chances with divorce increase with the second and consecutive marriages.

The statistical divorce rate for men is relatively higher than women in the United States. However, a large percentage of women who get married in their teens divorce faster than their counterparts who marry at a later age. Couples without children have a higher chance of divorce statistically as it is believed that it leads to loneliness and weariness. In fact, in the US, 66 percent of all divorced couples do not have children.

In the United Kingdom, divorce is at a steady rise through the recent years. Seventy percent of the divorces are from first marriages. It is believed that a lot of couples, divorces are caused when one partner engages in online romance. Half of the couples who divorce in the UK have a child under 16. The first two years in a marriage have the highest divorce rate in Britain.

In Australia it is said that forty percent of the marriages end in divorce. In a small percentage of cases, divorce takes place within thirty years of marriage. Cohabitation before marriage has steadily increased in the recent past.

Women with tertiary educations who choose as a partner men who have not finished high school are ten times more likely to separate or get divorced than women whose education is less than or equal to their partners. Globally, in the last decade, divorce has shown a steep increase in number.

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Divorce Rate Statistics

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