Fathers Rights In Child Custody  

The rights of the father in child custody were quite grim till the decade of 1970. As an unsaid norm, mother’s generally had the primary custody rights of a child in cases of legal separation. For a father, the term 'divorce' in the real sense meant not only separation from wife, but from the children as well. The father merely ended up getting visiting rights that too once in a fortnight.

Apart from being physically away from the child, the father virtually lost all other rights of being involved or having a say in the personal matters of the children such as education, medical care or religious issues. In fact, the mother had the rights to change residence even without informing the father. So, in short the rights of the father with respect to child interaction were solely at the mercy of the mother. If she happened to be a little considerate, then the father enjoyed a few more leverages than those imparted by the judiciary.

Over the years, there has been a marked alteration in the rights of the father in child custody. In most judiciaries across the globe, both parents have equal rights of custody. The concept of joint custody is being accepted by most legal authorities.

Today, it is vital for fathers to know that despite being separated they have a right to be in touch with their children. However, the father needs to be well aware of his valid rights and be prepared to fight for them as mothers seeking sole custody have better chances of winning. Sometimes, it is important to play one’s cards correctly to achieve results. Careful observation of the other party can help one evaluate whether to go in for an out off court settlement or have a strict legal approach. Also, custody battles can be quite taxing, physically and mentally. Therefore, always put your money on an lawyer who is genuinely keen in the case and is proficient in the concerned field.

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