Fathers Rights In Child Support  

When a couple exchanges vows of love and togetherness on the day of their wedding, they never can imagine that there may come a time when this togetherness starts stifling them. No one wishes for a divorce. However, at times when compatibilities just do not match it becomes the only way out for a peaceful living. The issue becomes further complicated when the couple shares children, as they form the worst affected party.

The truth is that for balanced upbringing, the presence and involvement of both parents is vital. Nevertheless, in circumstances of divorce offering child support is the least that the non-custodial parent can do. In most cases, the responsibility of providing child support falls onto the father as in general mother’s end up winning the custody rights. This does not mean that the mother has no role in child support. Her part of the support comes from providing a home and attending to the daily needs of the child. However, in cases when the father has the custody rights, the mother is directed to pay for child support as well.

The amount to be given as child support is calculated keeping in mind parameters of upbringing such as cost of education, medical care and food. Each state has its own methodology of evaluating child support. A fundamental aspect holding significance while determining child support is the income of the non-custodial parent. The prime aim of the court is to create conditions where the child suffers the least even in terms of standard of living. Despite the best intentions of the court, things get difficult only because of the sourness of relationship between both parties. In their fight for separation, the opposing parties often overlook the child’s interest. As part of remorse, each one wants to violate the decision of the other. However, they should try to rise to the occasion and give prime importance to the nurturing of their children, who are unfortunately mere pawns in the entire scenario.

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