Should Fathers Have Equal Rights As Mothers  

For many years, in cases of child custody stemming from legal separation the mother certainly enjoyed more rights than the father. The fathers had little say in matters of custody, visitation and even personal issues. Today, the family law system in the US has adopted the concept of equal rights for fathers who are divorced, and thereby discarding the theory of sole rights of the mother. However, the concept of equal rights of both parents in event of legal separation is still a highly debatable issue.

Those for the equal rights opine that the mindset claiming mothers to be more caring is unfair and not always true. Agreed that the mother nurtures the child in her womb for 9 months but apart from this biological angle sensitive fathers contribute towards their child in every single way; from accompanying the mother for medical check ups to the moistening of eyes on hearing the baby’s first cry of life. The potential of fathers in providing basic amenities of day to day living, education and affection cannot be undermined as well. They may not be able to spend more time with the child owing to professional reasons but the concept of ‘quality time’ is their plea. Also, in today’s scenario single working mothers may go through the same dilemma. Since the contribution towards inception was equal, there is no reason why there has to be a bias when it comes to nurturing.

There is a huge population that still asserts on greater rights of custody for the mother. This section of people believes that despite the best intentions of a compassionate father, the mother and child bond is beyond all worldly powers. Going by the adage, “Since God could not be everywhere, He created mothers” -- there is no substitute of motherhood. The father may bestow the child with financial pleasures and emotional caring but nothing can equate the unique bond between a child and mother. The supreme quality of sacrificing her all just to see her child smile is definitely more pronounced in mothers. Even in animals, the responsibility of nurturing the young ones lies with the mother. So who can challenge a principle that is even followed by nature?

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Should Fathers Have Equal Rights As Mothers )
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