Intentions Of A Foster Care  

Foster care can be defined as the act of parenting a child who is not one's biological or adopted child. To become a good foster parent, one is required to love and care someone else's child in the same way as they would nurture and tend to their biological child.

With so much money going to orphanages, many unfortunate parents feel that it is the only way to provide for their children with all the comforts of a better life. Foster care is twenty four hour out-of-home care for children whose parents refuse, neglect or are unable to provide for their children's needs. It includes food, clothing, shelter, security, safety and guidance.  

In nearly all cases, the child in care has been removed from home by a court order, with custody given to a public agency, such as the Division of Juvenile Services, County Social Services, or Tribal Social Services. Whenever possible, the department makes an effort to preserve the child's family. If the child cannot be protected from abuse or neglect in his home, and removal is necessary, the primary focus of services is directed towards problem resolution so the child may be returned. The purpose of foster care is to provide continuity, consistency and permanency in a family setting for the growing child.

To improve results for children and families in the foster care system, four key strategies are implemented. The family to family strategy includes active community partnership, neighborhood-based recruitment and retention of foster homes, self evaluation and data-driven decisions and team decision meetings with the involvement of both birth parents as well as foster parents.

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Intentions Of A Foster Care

Risk-Factors-Of-Foster-Care      Out of 2,699 children in foster care, about thirteen percent take one or more psychotropic drugs. That is higher than the roughly four percent of children nationwide taking such drugs. The Washington State Department of Social and Health Services in the year 2002 estimated the rate of abuse, and dependence on alcohol and other drugs used to be significant. More..




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