What Are The Reasons For A Child To Be In Foster Care ?  

There are many reasons for a child to be in foster care. The main causes are related to behavioral problems of the child, or inability of the biological parents to raise the child. Reasons of the child abuse, torture by the parents or family members is also not uncommon.

A child may sometimes enter foster care involuntarily following a court order. The court may order the child to be placed in the care of an agency if the child has been abused, neglected or is at risk of such harm. Also, when a child's behavior is beyond the control of those responsible for him, it can result in placements in foster homes. At times, the child care agency may remove the child from his home with valid reason.

There is a variety of reasons why children are put in foster care. Reasons vary from protection to parental condition or absences. Sometimes, a child's delinquent offenses may also result in foster care. A small percentage of foster care children enter into the system due to their disability or handicap. Relinquishing parental rights or state-defined reasons like parent-child relationship or family interaction problems are also reasons for a child to be in foster care.

Alcohol and drug abuse are the main factors for foster care placement. More than 60 percent of the children, who enter foster care, do so because of uncontrollable problem with alcohol and drug abuse. Some children lose their parents to illnesses, like HIV. In fact, a large percentage of those children who have lost their parents to HIV are in foster care.

Neglect, physical abuse and lack of proper adult support, followed by abandonment, failed placement and sexual abuse are the top reasons for children to be in foster care.

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What Are The Reasons For A Child To Be In Foster Care

What-Ia-A-Foster-Care      A foster care is basically a temporary arrangement in which adults, other than one‘s own biological parents, take care of a child. This arrangement usually occurs when the birth parents are unable to take care of the children. This can be informally or formally arranged through the courts or a social service agency. More..




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What Are The Reasons For A Child To Be In Foster Care ? )
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