What Is A Foster Care ?  

A foster care is basically a temporary arrangement in which adults, other than one‘s own biological parents, take care of a child. This arrangement usually occurs when the birth parents are unable to take care of the children. This can be informally or formally arranged through the courts or a social service agency.

Some pertinent facts about a foster care and the adoptions is the former being a form of adoption in which a child is placed into a home with the expectation that the child will become legally free from being adopted by the foster parents. A foster parent is a person who provides foster care for a child. The foster parent is first approved of by an agency as being capable of fostering a child.  

Each child in foster care is assigned a goal which may be reunification with the birth family, getting adopted, long-term foster care, or independent living. Usually a child must have a goal for adoption before adoptive families are considered. Sometimes, the children who stay in long term foster cares are permanently adopted by the foster parents.  

Foster care is a safe place to be if a child cannot live with his own family or on their own. Children enter foster care because of neglect, abuse, family crisis, or behavioral problems at home. Foster parents parent the children to grow up into good law abiding citizens. They provide them with stability, affection, consistency, and a nurturing environment.

Children usually continue to visit their own biological families until they are reunited. Sometimes, foster families are asked to provide permanent foster care or to adopt the child in their care.

There are also foster care homes for adults, who are more than eighteen years of age and are in capable of independent living. This is usually due to various reasons like mental instability, drug abuse, emotional dependability, or old age.

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What Ia A Foster Care

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What Ia A Foster Care ? )
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