Tips On Getting Aproved For Foster Care  

       It is best to educate oneself with the basic requirements to be eligible as foster parents, before committing to the cause. Besides material requirements, one should remember that the relationship with the child is very intense and is built on trust. One should be ready to commit and spend quality time with the child.More...



What To Expect With Foster Care ?

What To Expect With Foster Care

There are two outlooks to expectations of foster care. One could be as an expectant foster parent; while the other is of a common man who is not involved with foster care. As an expectant foster parent there are some things these parents anticipate or expect.More...


Foster Care Abuse Statistics

Foster Care Abuse Statistics

The Adoption and Foster Care Reporting and Analysis System (AFCARS) in the US gathers information of children placed in foster care by the State child welfare agencies. The AFCARS is responsible for placement, care and supervision of children who are adopted under the auspices of the State's public child welfare agency.More...


Intentions Of A Foster Care

Intentions Of A Foster Care

Foster care can be defined as the act of parenting a child who is not one's biological or adopted child. To become a good foster parent, one is required to love and care someone else's child in the same way as they would nurture and tend to their biological child.More...


Sample Foster Care Audit Guidelines

Sample Foster Care Audit Guidelines

There are audits of different foster care units as per the government’s guidelines and requirements. In general, the audits identify the factors like the need for residential foster care services, the type of children who most require and benefit from the services, identifying the skills and training required by the staff, and monitoring and evaluating the care that the children are provided through residential care services.More...


What Are The Reasons For A Child To Be In Foster Care ?

What Are The Reasons For A Child To Be In Foster Care

There are many reasons for a child to be in foster care. The main causes are related to behavioral problems of the child, or inability of the biological parents to raise the child. Reasons of the child abuse, torture by the parents or family members is also not uncommon.More...



What Ia A Foster Care ?

What Ia A Foster Care

A foster care is basically a temporary arrangement in which adults, other than one‘s own biological parents, take care of a child. This arrangement usually occurs when the birth parents are unable to take care of the children. This can be informally or formally arranged through the courts or a social service agency.More...





Intentions of a foster care - What are the reasons for a child to be in foster care ?

Risk-Factors-Of-Foster-Care      Out of 2,699 children in foster care, about thirteen percent take one or more psychotropic drugs. That is higher than the roughly four percent of children nationwide taking such drugs. The Washington State Department of Social and Health Services in the year 2002 estimated the rate of abuse, and dependence on alcohol and other drugs used to be significant. More..




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Intentions of a foster care - What are the reasons for a child to be in foster care ? )
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