What Is A Legal Separation ?  

Legal separation seems to be an effective option to divorce. It appears as the best options available to all the people who do not wish to continue their marriage due to the inability to sustain it any longer. Legal separation allows a couple to reside separately in different residents even after remaining in the marriage. This is done after filing a petition in the court and once the court approves it, a couple is considered to be separated legally.

Legal separation is basically a legal document that resolves all the issues associated to a couple and their failed marriage such as child custody, child support, and spousal support as well as the living arrangements. All these things are done with the consent of both the partners. But the couples need to consider certain very important factors during a legal separation.

  • They must be sure that their name has been eliminated from the rental leases if any so that in future any one of them is not held accountable for failing to pay the rent by other partner.
  • Check that you mail has been forward to the new mailbox of the new residence.
  • One must keep their own copy of all the addresses and other kinds of contact as well as the account information.
  • It is important to retain a copy of all the income taxes and their records for at least last six years.
  • Consult a legal expert to proceed further in the right manner.

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What Is A Legal Separation ?

What-Is-The-Difference-Between-Divorce-And-Legal-Separation      Though divorce and legal separation are both ways to come out of a marriage after its failure, they are different from each other in several aspects. Where divorce is considered for ending a marriage, a legal separation is not known to end the marriage. Legal separation is an order by the court that determines the responsibilities as well as the rights of the partners while they are allowed to live separately. But the legal separation is not likely to end their marriage as they remain in marriage. It is just that the spouses choose to live separately while remaining in marriage. More..




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What Is A Legal Separation ? )
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