When Is It Time To Leave A Marriage ?  

Many people bear the pain in unwholesome marriages just to keep away the ache of ending a marriage. Some people tolerate pain for the sake of children and some for the sake of their spouse. Some people wait patiently for their partner to change so they could achieve the affection they need. People pretend to have a strong face and are brave enough to handle the situation with ease, which is not all the truth.

Marriage is a commitment and not compromise. A married couple is supposed to love and care each other in good and bad times. Respect, dignity should also be taken care while in a relationship that should last till the end of one’s life. When one of the partner stops doing that the marriage is assumed as broken. Instead of paying attention on you if your spouse is paying more attention on the opposite sex in nearby surroundings then the agreement is broken. When a relationship comes to extreme compromise of one’s life and desires that means the relationship is broken. The marriage was not done to put you in grief nor does it say to maintain a dysfunctional relationship.

Try as much as you can to shove back your relationship as it was before. Do not run away from your responsibilities or from your spouse to neglect the current situation. It is better to consult a marriage counselor to protect your marriage from desolation. Take your partner with you for consultation and if partner refuses then explain the pros and cons of counseling. Express what you expect from your marriage and your spouse. Assure that you are just doing it to find out the reasons that are destroying your marriage. If still the partner is reluctant, then do not think on any alternative way, this is the right time to move away from your partner. If you are going through a bad phase in your marriage, having a damaging relationship and your partner is unwilling to move on, then it is the best time to leave a marriage.  

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When Is It Time To Leave A Marriage ?

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When Is It Time To Leave A Marriage ? )
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