Do Restraining Orders Show Up On Background Checks ?  

Restraining orders can cause a lot of emotional stress and practical problem. There is a small chance that they get listed in your personal information and show up on a background check.

However, the chances of a restraining order showing up on background checks are minimal because they are often valid only for a certain period of time. But this does not mean that restraining orders cannot show up in background checks. They can.

The sole goal of background checks is to determine the authenticity and identification of the person, and make sure all pertinent information is updated. For example, if one had been served a restraining order sometime in the past and it has expired, it simply means that one is free from all the unwanted and embarrassing consequences related to the order. When a certain restraining order has expired, there is no document available to others which implicate a person with any charges.

However, since restraining orders are considered to be public documents, it can make their way to public documents without any prior notice. There have been cases where restraining orders got published in public documents without any knowledge of the person. Such a situation occurs because of a lack of concern for personal privacy and security in the country. It is a common concern that such sensitive and personal information is so easily available to the public.

Another disadvantage with being issued a restraining order is if the person seeks employment in government agencies, the entire record is checked thoroughly before clearing the person for employment. So, one should expect one’s restraining order to show up while his background check is done. So, one should be careful before seeking employment with a restraining order as it might hamper the chances of getting employed by the organization.

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Do Restraining Orders Show Up On Background Checks

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Do Restraining Orders Show Up On Background Checks ? )
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