How To Get A Restraining Order ?  

A restraining order is an official document that legally bars a person from coming in contact with another. Restraining orders have been designed to protect those who are being seriously harassed, stalked or threatened with sexual abuse. Violating a restraining order can land the harasser with a fine or jail time, or at times even both.

If you too need to get a restraining order issued against someone, you can download the relevant forms from the state's website, or pay a visit to the county court house, collect the forms, fill them out and then submit the same to the clerk at the court house.

The next step is to visit the sheriff’s office and ensure that the harasser knows about the hearing date. The date is usually fixed as per the seriousness of the complaint, and is usually allotted in a few weeks’ time. On the day you have to go to court for the hearing, make sure you have on you concrete evidence to justify your request. You should know that if you fail to make it on the day of the hearing, your case weakens and there will be an impact on any future attempts made by you to get that restraining order. The hearing is your opportunity to inform the court about the need for serving a restraining order. It goes without saying that you must support your plea with all the evidence you have, and if possible, photographical. The judge will also ask you what you did to stop the harassment, so make sure you make all your facts ready.

Even though talking about your experience may be a nightmare, remain calm and do not be intimidated by the presence of your harasser in the courtroom. If still hassled after the restraining order has been issued, immediately call 911 and inform the police about the violation of your restraining order.

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