How To Remove A Restraining Order ?  

So you got a restraining order issued against someone whom you considered a potential threat to your safety and wellbeing. However, you two have worked out the differences and would like to give your relationship or association another shot. Unfortunately you just cannot do it since legally it is prohibited. Under such circumstance what you need to do is get the restraining order removed or 'vacated'.

Getting a restraining order vacated or removed is quite easy. First you need to go to the courthouse which had issued the order, and collect the forms used for cancellation of a restraining order. This is done free of charge, but you would need to furnish a few details, like why you want to get it removed, personal details like your name, address, birth date , social security number and contact information. The details of the person against whom you had taken out the restraining order will also be asked for.

Once your application has been reviewed by a representative of the court, a date will be set for the hearing. This can take anywhere between seven days to a few weeks, depending on how busy the magistrate is. Once you have appeared in front of the judge, he or she will ask whether you are absolutely certain about getting the restraining order vacated. After these proceedings are over, the order will be legally removed, and the final step will be to notify the other person involved in this matter.

A police officer or sheriff's office will do the needful, and once the person has been served with the required notice, it will be possible for him or her to make contact with you again, without breaking any laws.

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