Reason Oppose Same Sex Marriage  

There are many reasons people oppose same sex marriages. Today all over the world there is a slow disintegration of social institutions like marriage and other traditional bonds. However, large number of people from all corners of the world still holds marriages to be one of the foundation stone of society. Thus, the idea and issue of same sex marriages generate a lot of discussion sand controversies.

There are many reasons for the general population to oppose same sex marriages, namely religious, societal status and the future of the next generation.

Religious views are most common reason cited to oppose same sex marriages. Religious people believe God is against homosexuals, and anyone practicing or supporting them or would go to Hell after their death as a punishment. Rationally, this is not true but still stays the strongest among the other reasons for opposing homosexuality. There is a lot of hatred and anger regarding homosexuality and same sex marriages in people who oppose gay people and their sexual orientation.

Concern over the next generation is also another reason for opposing same sex marriages. Since it is not biologically possible for two people of the same sex to have children of their own, it is believed will hamper the continuation of our kind on earth. People opposing homosexuality say such unions will prevent from building a healthy number of offspring for the future. This is also the major concern for the parents whose children are homosexual and want to marry their partners.

In spite of the growing acceptance of gays in our society, there are still places and groups who consider homosexuality a taboo. These people feel gay marriages will cause a disintegration of our societal norms and consider it a huge social problem for the entire humankind. Naturally, this leads to a strong opposition against such marriages.

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Reason Oppose Same Sex Marriage

Religious-Opinion-Of-Same-Sex-Marriage      Typically, one does not expect homosexuality or gay marriages to be discussed in religious places, or be remotely associated with religious scriptures. Unfortunately, today, gay marriages and homosexuality is most discussed and opposed by religious leaders in different religious meetings. More..




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