Religious Opinion Of Same Sex Marriage  

Typically, one does not expect homosexuality or gay marriages to be discussed in religious places, or be remotely associated with religious scriptures. Unfortunately, today, gay marriages and homosexuality is most discussed and opposed by religious leaders in different religious meetings.

Different religions across the world have unanimously condemning gays and people who support homosexuality. Though, the act of sex in itself is a very intimate, private thing which one expects to be a very personal and private aspect in one’s life but, since marriage is the corner stone of families and our future generation, it becomes a public issue. People find it right to take help of religion to prevent such same sex marriages.

According to many Christians, the Bible is against homosexuals and anybody who is involved or supports homosexuality is doomed to Hell after their death. Today, there is a massive following for people like Pastor Phelps, who is one of the main religious leader opposing gays. The followers of such leaders go to funerals of gay people and shout angry slogans to show their anger and hatred towards the dead man for his sexual orientation. They do all kinds of things to humiliate gay people socially and at personal level in the name of religion.

Marriage is one of the many social institutions which are considered most important by a large number of people. The whole concept of marriage is about two people from opposite sex who come together with love and procreate to continue our kind in future. Today, inter-community and inter-religious marriages no longer face opposition as they did earlier, but most people still find it hard to accept same sex marriages. Priests of different religions simply refuse to perform any such wedding. There have been conferences and meetings held all over the world by priests and religious leaders of various religions condemning same sex marriages.

All in all, the religious opinions of people are a big challenge for same sex couples and their marriages.

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Religious Opinion Of Same Sex Marriage

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Religious Opinion Of Same Sex Marriage )
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