Significance Of Same Sex Marriages  

Same sex marriages certainly raise eyebrows in many, and generate many heated debates among the general public. While homosexuality has been accepted more or less by all nations, the concept of same sex marriages is still relatively new. There have been random cases of such marriages, and these have generated questions regarding the health and validity of such union.

Sex is an important and an extremely personal aspect of a person's life. The personal and private nature of sexual activities also helps to avoid transmitting diseases. However, love can happen between two people of the same sex, who get physically attracted and long for each others company, then marriage becomes a necessity. When Troy Perry openly conducted a gay marriage in 1969 in America, it was quite a controversial discussion for many people who did not approve of such unions and did not want to deal with such behavior in the future.

This also generated concern for people who would revel in sexual adventures with the same sex, but would end up marrying someone from the opposite sex for want of social security. This gradually grew into quite a big social issue and many people began to come forward to express their support for their gay sexual partners. This resulted in demands for legal permission to be able to stay married to a person of the same sex. The significance of such gay marriages came into light when increasing numbers of gay people "came out of the closet", and declared their sexual preference of same sex partners. They began to openly talk about their sexual orientation and not show any guilt for their preferences.

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Significance Of Same Sex Marriages

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Significance Of Same Sex Marriages )
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