The Law Regarding Same Sex Marriage In The UK  

Same sex marriages are not performed or permitted in Britain. However, a system of civil partnership exists that allows two people of the same sex to be united with general consent.

According to the Part 2 of the Civil Partnership Act which relates to England and Wales, Part 3 to Scotland and Part 4 to Northern Ireland is defined as a relationship between two people of the same gender when they register as a civil partners of each other, which only ends on dissolution, annulment or death.

According to the Civil Partnership Act 2004, the civil partnerships give same-sex couples rights and responsibilities equal or similar to normal or civil marriage between heterosexual partners. There is also a formal process for dissolving partnerships which could be equated to divorce. To be eligible for a civil partnership, each person must be of the same sex and be at least sixteen years of age. Anyone who is below eighteen years of age will need consent from their parents.

Additionally, the persons to the proposed civil partnership must not be found within the prohibited degrees of relationship specified in acts of European court of Human Rights. However, persons, who are already married or in a partnership, are not considered eligible under this law. British embassies or consulates-general also validate partnerships in some places. It is also necessary for at least one person in the couple to be a British citizen. Gay people who are  from a different country who wish to become a couple in the UK, must stay in Britain for at least seven days prior and wait another fifteen days before their partnership can be registered.

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The Law Regarding Same Sex Marriage In The Uk

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The Law Regarding Same Sex Marriage In The Uk )
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