Where Do They Allow Same Sex Marriage ?  

Same sex marriage are not so easily legalized and accepted because of their huge social implications. There are so many protests and rallies against gay marriages, but the strong support from the gay community in putting up a brave face and achieving a lot of good changes for them on a day to day basis.

In the United States, same sex marriages are considered legal in six states, namely Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, Iowa and Vermont. Though same sex marriages are allowed here, they do not grant the same rights and responsibilities as heterosexual couples.

This is because the American constitution does not support same sex marriage. Owing to a lot of pressure from the supporters and organizations demanding justice for same sex lovers, these states are accepting such same sex marriages.

However, the support for same sex marriages all over the world is not so great. Most countries in Africa are strongly against same sex marriages. Some European countries accept such marriages, but most of them do not grant the same legal right to them as the heterosexual partnerships.

In case, a gay couple want legal benefits, then civil unions or domestic partnership are granted, which allow the couple to avail some legal benefits. These would include the benefits of tax, property, children, inheritance, and exemption from certain taxes.

The trickiest part in any same sex marriage anywhere in the world is that it is still something that people are only beginning to understand and is not accepted widely. It is best for a gay couple to consult another gay couple who has already signed a legal partnership before starting the process leading to a legal partnership. It may even help to consult a qualified attorney.

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Where Do They Allow Same Sex Marriage

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Where Do They Allow Same Sex Marriage ? )
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