Feminism And Surrogacy  

Surrogate mother as per the definitions of people is known to be the woman hired for bearing a child. Surrogate itself means substitute and in this case, the woman acting as a surrogate would not have genetic connection with the child. It is just the matter of fact that she has been implanted with an embryo after which she is responsible for taking care of it. The surrendering woman is the real mother while the one giving birth to the child is the substitute mother.

Some people favor such an arrangement while others appreciate availability of such technological options. As far as feminism and surrogacy are concerned, people still have mixed reactions. Surrogacy has always been a controversial topic since its beginning. As of now it has turned into a business as well which makes people going against it in large numbers. Some people believe that a set of woman treat it as a business option and this is what they call baby selling. Thus some call it as a kind of women exploitation in which the men try and find their own benefits for the fact that their baby has their genes and that is all.

A woman though contributes a lot to her family as well as society but we still are living in a world where a woman is considered to be incomplete without a child. Thus one of the major contributions of any woman to her husband’s family is to bear a child so that the family can have its future generations. But in some cases, few women may not be able to do so. In such a condition, surrogacy can be thought of as an option provided it does not hurt your principles ads there are mixed reactions to surrogacy even today.

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Feminism And Surrogacy

Health-Risks-Ivf-Surrogacy      Surrogacy allows one woman to carry the child of some other woman. This is based on certain legal contracts in order to eliminate any kind of problems in future. Though some of the states allow this kind of an arrangement, there are still some state laws that prohibit any such agreement. Surrogacy can be divided in two major forms. One is the traditional surrogacy whereas the other one is gestational surrogacy also known as the IVF. More..




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Feminism And Surrogacy )
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