Legality of Getting Paid To Marry For US Citizenship  

People from many countries that are underdeveloped try to get into the United States and acquire a US citizenship.

There is no limit to the efforts that people make to get the citizenship of the country. However, as the law has its restrictions, there are only a few ways in which a person can get the much valued and coveted citizenship.

There is no easy and difficult way of getting it but the time factors in each different procedure varies. A person from another nationality would typically come on a student visa and then work in the United States and get a green card, which naturally makes them eligible for citizenship. However, this is a highly long drawn process and the time taken is several years before they get their citizenship. Another way to get the US citizenship is by marrying a US citizen.

There are several reasons why people wish to get married to a US citizen and for some it may be love genuinely and for others it is stability and security. It is also a legal way to live in America. After the September 11 attacks, many of the immigration laws have become more stringent for people who want to come and live in America. So marriage still remains the easiest way to get into the country and live there without any abridgment from law. Many people also draw marriage agreements where they are willing to pay a US citizen certain amount to get married and get them the benefit of US citizenship. These amounts which serve as a prenuptial agreement can go to the tune of $15,000 to $50,000.

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Legality Getting Paid To Marry For Us Citizenship

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Legality of Getting Paid To Marry For Us Citizenship )
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