Steps In Deportation Case  

Deportation is not a process that happens immediately and right on the spot. Several steps are taken before the person is deported and also the legal system ensures the person is sent back safely out of the United States.

Every year after checking the records, the Immigration and Naturalization Services always finds discrepancies in the number of people who have arrived and number of people who have left. Usually several number of people show on the records as still in the country. This account can be taken only in the case of legal immigrants.

Deportation is a legal process so the a officer from the police department first approaches the family or the person and informs them that they are likely to be deported and in the mean time if they are found missing then they will be treated as criminals. Also, they are reprimanded to an exit point and are asked to make arrangements to leave the country. An immigrant is considered illegal even if he extends his stay in the country by one day without prior permission from authorities.

In the case of illegal immigrants, who have been staying without the visa and crossed the border to get into the country, the officials make immediate arrangements for them to be deported to the border so that they can be sent back to their respective countries where they came from.

The steps involved are only a few but they are carried out effectively after informing the people who are to be deported. Ample time is given to the families to make arrangements to leave.

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Steps In Deportation Case

What-Is-The-Definition-Of-Deportation      Many people actually confuse deportation with extradition; while both of them are quite different from each other. Extradition is forcible expulsion of someone from the country whether they are a citizen or not. It is similar to an exile where they are not allowed back into the country. Deportation means expulsion of foreigners and others who are not supposed to be staying in the country as they are not authorized to. It is a kind of penalty for people and travelers who stay without permission in the country. More..




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