English Citizen And Green Card Sponsorship In America  

All the Green Card holders in the United States enjoy the same benefits as US citizens. Green Card holders do not have the need to renew their visa frequently or wait in anguish for the visa to be approved. They can continue working in the US as long as they want and work for any employer they wish.

People from various nationalities apply for Green Card every year in the United States. Even British citizens living in the United States can apply for Green Card. Since holding a Green Card does not involve any changes to the existing nationality, any UK citizen can apply for it.

They need to fulfill all the needs and rules in order to apply. To apply for Green Card they should have an employment with a US based company.

However, most of the Green Card holders apply for US citizenship sooner or later because it has a few more benefits than those accorded by a Green Card. Most of the benefits remain same except the voting rights, retaining the residency and deportation which are not included. Like, for example, if US citizens are being deported, they can question it legally and expect some help whereas Green Card holders may not be eligible for that.

However, for UK citizens and people from some other countries, citizenship was being offered on a lottery basis where a series of numbers were picked. Since UK was eligible for the lottery, some citizens could have hoped for an easier entry into the US. However, the only other way is to be employed in the US and work for some years before acquiring a Green Card.

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English Citizen And Green Card Sponsorship In America

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English Citizen And Green Card Sponsorship In America )
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