How Can Immigrant Obtain Green Card Or Work Visa ?  

Green Card is a type of permanent residency that allows people to stay without the need for a visa legally and also gives them the freedom to work anywhere. Usually Green Card in the United States is issued for a specific period of time like 10 or 15 years.

There are many ways in which people procure a Green Card like some people get it processed through their employer and some take the help of a relative and few do it on their own. However, with some types of visa getting the Green Card also becomes easier. There are several kinds of employment based visa and based on the category the green card can be processed.

A person should have worked in the United States for at least two years before they can apply for a Green Card. There are several kinds of work visas that can be converted into Green Cards like priority workers, for example. Some people in the company have highly valued jobs and their services could be valuable for the company. So preference for Green Card can be given on those grounds. People who have advanced skills and abilities can also apply for the Card under professional or skilled workers' category.

So, one has to file an immigrant visa petition and wait until the visa number becomes available. Once it is, then you have to file for an adjustment of status application. The whole process could take a couple of years or more. However, this is the most common route taken by people who want a Green Card.

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How Can Immigrant Obtain Green Card Or Work Visa

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How Can Immigrant Obtain Green Card Or Work Visa ? )
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