How Long Can I Stay Out Of US If I Have A Green Card ?  

Green Card is a United States permanent residency card and it gives the Legal Permanent Resident (LPR) status to the holder and his family. The person who holds the Card has a lot of freedom and benefits by having it.

Usually people who live in the United States and hold a visa, have to think and check their visa status before leaving the country. If they have a single entry visa, then they cannot come back into the country without applying for a fresh visa. However, a Green Card holder need not apply for a visa to re-enter the country even if he or she travels out or abroad. The only restriction is if a person is traveling outside the country, then they have to come back within 6 months or get in touch with the US consulate to know the appropriate measures. Any person staying out of the United States for one year or more and has a valid Green Card without contact with the US immigration services may lose their card.

The Immigration and Naturalization Services (INS) holds the power to forfeit the Card if the card holder does not follow the rules. The maximum and safe period allowed to stay out of the country is six months. If there is a need to stay out of the country for more than one year, then the Green Card holder should take the permit from the United States Center for Immigration Services or USCIS. Also, if the Green Card holder is planning to get a citizenship, then they should show that they have to have five continuous years of residency in the country.

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How Long Can I Stay Out Of Us If I Have A Green Card

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How Long Can I Stay Out Of Us If I Have A Green Card ? )
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