How To Obtain A Green Card By Getting Married ?  

There are people who go to the United States and get married on a travel visa to a Green Card holder and therefore, their resident status is adjusted. However, whether this is a simple process or a difficult one depends on the experience of the individual.

Some people do manage to stay back after marriage and also prove to the immigration authorities that they came with the intention to travel in the United States and then met a person and got married. For such people, Green Card is given on the basis of spouse. However, in order to be successful in getting a Green Card, the married partner should show that he or she had the intention of returning home originally. It totally depends on the couple’s ability to prove the intent when the time comes.

However, getting married to a Green Card holder does not automatically ensure a permanent residency for the spouse. There are several sacrifices. Once you get married on a traveler’s visa until you receive the green card and the dust is settled, you cannot travel much and you have to stay put. Also, some people even need to forgo their honeymoon. Until the spouse receives an advance parole of extension of his or her visa, you cannot travel out of the country.

Also, you need to be careful while establishing the facts. You cannot travel with your wedding dress in the suitcase and then say were trying to visit Grand Canyon. You need to give a lot of attention to detail and make sure that the details furnished can be substantiated.

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How To Obtain A Green Card By Getting Married

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How To Obtain A Green Card By Getting Married ? )
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