When Were Green Cards Utilized ?  

Green Cards are being given to people from several years now. What we all commonly know as Green Card today was actually popular as a work permit throughout the world which was used for the purpose of working and living in the United States.

It has had a long history and existed ever since people wanted to move to the United States. The official name of Green Card is Alien Registration Card. The Card was given perhaps to people who were already working and so that they do not end up staying illegally later. However, there were prior criteria to be met for the Card to be given. This way the government also had control over who could stay and who could be sent out of the country.

Also in the 1940s, the work permit or the Green Card was issued by the defense as a protection measure. The Card was given so that all the aliens living in the country could register with them. However, back then the Alien Registration Act did not discriminate between a legal immigrant and an illegal one. The times and conditions were such that everyone had the right to be registered and they could do it through the local post office.

In the registration process, the immigrants who were allowed to stay in the United States received a green slip and that is why it is called the Green Card today. The Card by itself looks no different than the driver’s license, or any other legal identification card or permit.

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When Were Green Cards Utilized

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When Were Green Cards Utilized ? )
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