Facts On Illegal Immigrants  

Illegal immigration is one of the most common problems that are being faced by several countries across the world. Particularly the United States seems to have the most number of illegal immigrants in the world.

However vigilant the government is, people do manage to find their way in. some of them may be people looking for greener pastures and some may be even terrorists. That is why the immigration laws are so stringent because everyone would like a safe country to live in.

Around 20 million people are illegal aliens in the United States today and how many of them are criminals amongst them are a figure that anyone can take a guess. Also, in federal prisons more than 25 percent of the population is of illegal aliens. Some immigrants have committed felonies, some burglary and some even murders. Los Angeles has the highest problem of illegal immigrants who are responsible for most of the homicides in the city. Nearly four hundred thousand illegal aliens who are due for deportation are missing in the United States and are roaming about the country.

Illegal aliens are so many in numbers that it is different to control and identify. Also, the unfortunate fact about the illegal aliens is that most of them are criminals and they are on the run.  Most of the day to day crimes that occur like rapes, kidnapping, thefts and burglary including armed robbery are due to immigrants who are illegal in the United States of America. The notorious facts are higher for illegal immigrants more than normal facts.

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Facts On Illegal Immigrants

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