Famous Greeks Immigrants  

Greece has suffered its fair share of setbacks since times unknown which made the people of her country look for opportunities in foreign land.  There were several reasons for the Greeks to migrate to a different land like over population, colonization and also foreign trade.

However, the Greek migration mainly happened through historic events mostly. The Greeks have migrated to the United States and many of them eventually settled in several parts of the United States. The first Greek immigrant to arrive on the American soil was called Don Theodoro and he is pretty popular in the Greek community. He came in via Florida and there are several people living all over here. When people were discovering new lands through sea, the most number of people to come in the US from Greece were men. They eventually came in and married into other people from European countries and there has been a mot mixed cultures ever since.

During the 1890s the economic conditions of the United States improved a lot and created several opportunities. People from all over the world came here to live. Today, in the United States there are several people who are Greeks and popular in their fields. For example, the popular Danon yoghurt company was started by a Greek called Carasso, Isaac. The Bulgari families are the famous jewelry people from Greece. The list of famous Greek people is long and also some are immigrants and some were born to immigrant families. Even Jennifer Anniston, who is a popular actress, is of Greek descent.

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Famous Greeks Immigrants

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Famous Greeks Immigrants )
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