Number Of Illegal Immigrants In USA  

Today there are nearly 12 million undocumented illegal immigrants residing in the country. However, several experts argue with the authenticity of the number because no one knows how exactly they got the 12 million figure and what methods were adopted to calculate.

There is a lot of guess work involved in calculating the number of immigrants who are legal, and illegal immigrants simple cannot be accounted for. One of the biggest problem is how do you know if the person is an illegal immigrant or a legal one. There is no way of telling that most people who are illegal immigrants do not get into trouble with the law unless they are terrorists. It is impossible to cross check and also no person will self confess that he or she is working illegally in the country.

There are several people who visit the country every year and how many of them actually stay and how many of them leave is very difficult to say. Well, they are all given visas in good faith. However, many of them do stay back and work on odd jobs for a living. The above said 12 million people could have also included people who have been deported, who left voluntarily and also many people who have been legalized.

While there are many people coming to live in America every year to live illegally, there are several people who are being deported too. The term illegal means that people are unaccounted for and there cannot be an accurate number for an unaccounted lot.

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Number Of Illegal Immigrants In Usa

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Number Of Illegal Immigrants In Usa )
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