When Did Mexican Immigrants First Come To America ?  

During the 1850s and 1880s there was an agricultural boom in the United States and there was desperate need for additional labor who could give a helping hand in the farms. Opportunities became several as more and more people started growing different kinds of crops and exporting them.

However, bringing people from their own homeland was a time consuming process and the easiest solution for them was to bring in people from Mexico to work along with them.

Fruit production and cattle ranches were increasing in California. Actually before the Mexican workers came into America, the Chinese were doing the labor. Even there were a plenty of Japanese doing field jobs. In spite of having so many workers, there was still a dearth and Mexicans were the easiest to procure as workers.

When the construction of the rail road between America and Mexico began in 1880 there was boom in Mexican immigrants moving to the United States in search of opportunities. The mining industry and the lighting industry were also growing and more and more people from Mexico started coming to America in search of opportunities. The living conditions and the wages in Mexico for the people were bad. So, the best way out was for them to move to America. The immigration and the belief in the American dream have only grown ever since.

Even today several immigrants come into the country without a visa to work and earn money. In spite of the stringent security forces at the border or the danger of being caught there, people from Mexico still manage to find a way of getting into the United States.

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When Did Mexican Immigrants First Come To America

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When Did Mexican Immigrants First Come To America ? )
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