Why Did The Japanese Immigrants Come To America ?  

During the 18th century, several people came to the United States from many countries. They came looking for opportunities that were not available in their own countries.

        There was a great boom in the sugar industry in Hawaii during the 1880 and lasted nearly a decade. During this period nearly twenty eight thousand Japanese came to Hawaii and most of them were men.

At that time even Japan was going through severe modernization and was dealing with other problems like unemployment, bankruptcy and economic strife. The kind of people to have migrated during this period to Hawaii was mainly agriculturists and farmers who were attracted to the new opportunity. After America took over the Hawaiian Islands in 1900, more Japanese workers were imported from Japan to work in the sugar fields. The contracts were eventually voided and then the Japanese were free to live on the American soil as citizens.

Hawaii did remain the mainland for several Japanese people. However, people who came looking for opportunities and started living here began their own families and by 1910 there was seven percent growth in the Japanese American population. This number kept doubling exponentially and by 1920 there were two hundred and twenty thousand Japanese in mainland United States.

However, today America does not see any illegal immigrants from Japan and those who came in the initial years have been endorsed as Japanese Americans. There is quite some difference among them and also people who came as immigrants to Hawaii in the early 19th century have their own distinct Japanese American culture today.

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Why Did The Japanese Immigrants Come To America

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Why Did The Japanese Immigrants Come To America ? )
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