Why Mexican Immigrants Came To America ?  

Mexican immigrants came to the United States of America in the early and late 18th century for two reasons.

The farming industry for growing fruits and mining industry were growing in California and Texas. There was a severe dearth for labor during that time. So farmers and agriculturists had to bring in labor from the neighboring country.

Also, people from Mexico were willing to work for cheaper labors charges than the Japanese or the Chinese at that time. Mexicans came at that time because there was a demand for labor and the difference was that the immigrants at that time were brought into the country legally. Several of them have worked their way up and today live respectable lives than just being called immigrants.

Even today people from Mexico continue to come to the United States as illegal immigrants because the demand for cheap labor still exists. The reason for labor is several different categories but there is still a dearth in all those areas. Today, several Mexican immigrants work as plumbers, brick layers, mechanics, cleaners, helpers, and much more. A person who went to school and studied a bit is obviously not going to do any of these jobs. The best way for anyone is to hire a illegal immigrant, make money and also allow them to make money. This is a big win-win situation for illegal immigrants and their employers. Today, there are several reasons in macro economics that is attracting the illegal immigrants from Mexico to come into America.

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Why Mexican Immigrants Came To America

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Why Mexican Immigrants Came To America ? )
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