America Immigration History  

It has been an age long discussion as to whether America is a melting pot of cultures or is it a salad bowl of cultures. In America's case, both are true and it can be treated as either. America has a diverse set of population like the Chinese Americans, Japanese Americans, Italian Americans, Greek Americans, French Americans, and many more.

America was mainly formed during the times when people from all over the world came looking for opportunities and started their life afresh in this country. They came as immigrants and after living several years on American soil, they naturally became the citizens of America. These people belonged to different cultures and countries and today’s America is a combination of cultures of different countries and value systems from across the world.

Even before America was discovered by other countries, the only people to live here were tribal and native Indians who were fewer in population. These people lived secluded lives and never mixed or mingled with the immigrants. In fact, this non interference helped the immigrants to set up their own land and boundaries eventually.

The earliest immigrants in the American history were people from Asia and Europe.  Several Africans were brought against their will to work in the United States in the 16th century. It is after the declaration of independence of the Europeans from their mother country that helped the Africans also build their own identity. So it is almost impossible to identify the exact dates in history as to when the process of immigration started and who got here first.

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America Immigration History

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