Causes Of Mexican Immigration  

Everyone who came to America came for a simple reason and that is to find opportunity of employment. The dollar is a much highly valued currency compared to the rest of the world and the dollar dreams is what lures the rest of the world to America.

Mexico has been a poor country all along and even today, things are not much different in the country. One can see a clear distinction between the rich and the poor and the way poor people are exploited in the country. The dictatorship government is another reason for people to run away from their own country. The unfair laws and inequality drives people in search of greener pastures.

However, not everyone from Mexico can come into the country by applying for a work permit and there are several formalities that have to be fulfilled. And most people who want to come into the United States from Mexico are poor. Also, most of them do not even have a passport.

Given the situation, the only easy way was to cross the border and enter as an illegal immigrant. Furthermore, many Mexican couples come into the country to have children so their baby gets the United States citizenship. Later on they can come in using the baby as an anchor into the country as legal citizens. Today, the states that share immediate borders with Mexico like California are also dependant on immigrant workers in several industries. They do not mind employing an immigrant who are illegal and that also lures many people from Mexico to the United States.

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Causes Of Mexican Immigration

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Causes Of Mexican Immigration )
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