Greek Immigration In The United States  

The main Greek immigration took place during the First World War. Actually main Greek immigration always took place due to historic incidents and that is why during the World War, nearly three hundred thousand Greeks at a time came into the United States as immigrants.

However, the reason for leaving Greece for these people was unemployment, low wages and also low pay scales. Most of the people who came in Greece tend to settle down in places like New York where there was a need for skilled labor and lower rung jobs like construction for example. The main concentration of Greek population was in New York then. Another set of Greek population started flourishing in Chicago near Hull House region. Once people started working in the United States, they started moving within the country and soon enough the Greek population rose in all the states.

Chicago always had the highest number in Greek population and the next was New York. Later on people who immigrated during the World War were naturalized to Greek Americans. In 1978, the United States Census revealed that there were about 655,000 Greeks in the United States.

The Greeks were always good with commerce and trade and since they mainly came to Chicago, they started using the Great Lakes for trade and commerce to other parts of Midwest. Also, some of the Greeks, who returned home, had great tales to tell about the new found land and this only increased the immigrant population to the United States.

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Greek Immigration In The United States

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Greek Immigration In The United States )
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