Immigration Problem And Solution  

Immigration looks as a problem today because of the growing rates of terrorism across the world. Just like how immigrants are coming into the nation, even terrorists are following similar routes and it has become very difficult to tell the difference between a harmless immigrant and a terrorist.

Immigration is a problem today because there are nearly 11 million people in the country who are undocumented and yet they continue to fuel the economy by paying social security and taxes. Though they have stolen an identity or using someone else’s social security information, they are still contributing to the big picture. The only solution to immigration problem is to guide the 11 million immigrants to citizenship.

If the nation decides to do this as a solution, then there will be a lot of protests from the others given the current economic situation. So, it is more or less like a catch-22 situation we are dealing with. Actually the solution of naturalizing the immigrants is safe for the country and the people. Most of the immigrants, who are illegal, are performing the lower rung jobs as of now. Without them doing these jobs, we will have more problems and not solutions. There will always be a dearth of labor in that rung and if one has to get a professional worker, then people will be paying enormous amounts of money in labor.

So, there is no reason to believe that the existing immigrant population will actually threaten other citizens who have lost their jobs and increase the competition.

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Immigration Problem And Solution

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