What Year Did Ellis Island Open For Immigration ?  

Ellis Island officially opened in 1892 as an immigration station and it was only a two storey structure with several rooms to house immigrants at that time. During the years of 1892 to 1954, America had a constant influx of immigrants from all over the world.

The Americans realized that they have to be more organized in controlling the population of immigrants coming into the country and also be careful about whom they are brining in. At the same time America also had the need for people to work as labor in various growing industries in the country.

 Ellis Island was used as the immigration station because it was the most convenient option those days. It was secluded from New York and was a small island. Most of the people, who traveled to America those days, had to be brought in by ships. So people who were coming to America could be stationed in Ellis Island before being permitted into New York.

Several thousand people arrived at Ellis Island and they were examined for symptoms of underlying health problems and then were admitted on person to person basis. However, a lot of people still came into New York in spite of stringent rules on Ellis Island.

Today, Ellis Island is a National Heritage site with Liberty Statue located on it. Ellis Island was not only used to bring in immigrants but also was used as a deportation station. People who participated in criminal activities were being deported to their respective countries.

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What Year Did Ellis Island Open For Immigration

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What Year Did Ellis Island Open For Immigration ? )
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