Visa Information For Travel To Canada  

Canada has been gaining popularity as a tourist country for many people across the world.

However, every country has its own immigration laws and rules when it comes to visiting tourists and others. The gaining of entry into any of the provinces of Canada is mainly determined by the Canadian Border Services Agency or the CBSA.

People who are entering Canada should carry a proof of citizenship of their respective country and also proof of identity. The proof of identity should have a picture of them on it to be considered as proof and also be authorized by government officials of the country. For US citizens, who are traveling without a passport into Canada, should make sure that they carry other forms of identification such as driver’s license or government issued identity as proof.

As per the Canadian and American law, all Americans who are traveling by air outside the United States have to carry their passports along. Also, there is a new program for frequent travelers to Canada called the Nexus. It is a trusted travelers program and people who enroll in it are given a travel card that allows them to cross the borders quickly. US citizens visiting Canada do not require a visa for staying for up to 6 months or 180 days. If a person is going to Canada for any other reason other than a visit, he should get the appropriate visa for the purpose. Also, if he is likely to extend his stay beyond 6 months, then he should take prior permission for visa issuing and extending authority.

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Visa Information For Travel To Canada

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Visa Information For Travel To Canada )
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