Problems For Migrants With No Work Permit  

Migrants, who go to the United States on certain type of visas and who do not have a work permit, have to apply for one legally and wait for it to be given to them. The most common category of people who migrate to US without a work permit is either students or spouses who have married a partner living in the United States.

For example, if a person is in the United States working on a H1 B visa and he or she brings their spouse to the United States on a dependant visa, then they become migrants without work permits. Since they do not have the permission to work in the country, they have to apply for one. People who wish to work in the United States should apply for a document called EAD or the employment authorization document. It usually takes 180 days for the card to be issued from the date of application.

Also, in order to apply for this card one has to submit all the relevant documents and copies of passport and the visa status. However, migrants who do not hold this document should not attempt to work in the United States or else if they are busted, they can be deported immediately and at that time even the spouse is made to leave the country.

Deportation is the biggest penalty in the United States because once a person has been deported they can never enter the country again. Also, a deportation stamp on the passport will encourage other countries to do the same or will make it virtually impossible for a person to get a visa for another country.

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Problems For Migrants With No Work Permit

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