Employment Termination And Appeal Rights  

Terminations are not a surprise anymore; and when employees are terminated, usually there is a written and verbal explanation given by the HR.

The explanation is required to be truthful and proper. If an employee feels they have been terminated without reason, or there is no adequate cause for termination, they can take legal action against the employer.The first step is to go through your own company policy. Every company will have a provision to file an appeal. So, make sure you have all the requirements to file it. If you are making any written request, then keep a copy of the same for your reference. There is a special process in every company to process termination appeals.

Research the reason for termination thoroughly. First check if there is adequate cause for your termination and if not seek legal advise from a lawyer. Some of the illegal causes of termination are discrimination based on race, sex and disability. Also request a peer review that is the company will need to compare you with another employee who does a similar job. If you and the current employee meet all the criteria required for the job then the company cannot terminate you.

Go through the employment terms and see what the notice terms are. If the employer has put in a notice clause then the termination will apply only after the notice period is completed. You can use this time to do some research and see how you can appeal for the current job.

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Employment Termination And Appeal Rights

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