Steps In Criminal Appeal Process  

Criminal cases are often severe, but sometimes even the innocent become victims, and suffer injustice.

However, if you have been convicted of a crime and want to appeal, then you should review the case for any possible legal error and appeal to the court.When it comes to criminal case appeals, the defendant is basically arguing with the court that there has been an error in the legal system that affected the jury’s decision in a wrong way. If the error had been corrected there is a possibility that the jury might view the case differently. However, the appeal is always taken to a higher court after it has been done in a lower court. In any case, the higher court will be looking at the record that already exists and has been reviewed by the lower court. The court usually keeps the transcripts of everything like the witnesses, evidences and the decisions.

The court that looks into appeals is called the appellate court, and it mainly deals with cases from the lower courts. In the process of reaching a decision, the higher court looks into both the sides of the appeal. The appellant is given an opportunity to only brief about the mistake and submit appropriate supporting documents. A second chance is always available in criminal cases, be it the State courts or the Federal courts. However, the appellant should notify the courts immediately after the case has been ruled in order to change the court's mind through evidences.

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Steps In Criminal Appeal Process

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