Litigation And Custody  

       Matrimonial law can be often confusing for people who have filed for a divorce. There have been several changes made to matrimonial laws over the past decade. With the consistent rise in divorce cases, the law has gone through several notions and changes.

               Often when children are involved, the divorce case becomes all the more complicated and difficult to handle. In case the children are underage, then it becomes all the more complicated.More...


Jobs In Mediation

Jobs In Mediation                   If you are considering a job as a mediator, then you should know that it is a job that has a lot of demand, and also can turn out to be lucrative. To be a successful mediator, you need to have perseverance, patience and also some other qualities. However, it is more about chance, and you need to have luck to be at the right place at the right time.More...


Examples Of Appeals Letters

Examples Of Appeals Letters            A letter of appeal should be treated as a formal piece of document and therefore it should be written with care. No matter what the reason for appeal is you should see that it is professionally drafted.Address the issue in the beginning of the letter so that the reader knows what the appeal is about. Introduce yourself first and then define the subject. Do not write a long story of how it happened and all the details.More...


How To Refuse Arbitration ?

How To Refuse Arbitration                The biggest arbitration organization is the National Arbitration Forum and it mostly handles the credit card disputes. In credit card disputes the arbitrator will try to reach an agreement between you and the company. However, this cannot be considered as a court ordered arbitration. A court order only comes when you are sued.There is a growing concern in the way the arbitration cases are held because there are a trend which increasingly forcing consumers into mandatory arbitration. More...





Litigation and custody - Jobs in mediation - Examples of appeals letters

Legal Dispute :

What-Is-Mediation      Mediation is an action where the mediator behaves as a neutral third party and facilitates a dispute resolution. Resolving a dispute is not easy and the best person to help the parties decide is someone who is neutral towards the whole issue and is not emotionally involved with it. More..




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Litigation and custody - Jobs in mediation - Examples of appeals letters )
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