Litigation And Custody  

Matrimonial law can be often confusing for people who have filed for a divorce. There have been several changes made to matrimonial laws over the past decade.

With the consistent rise in divorce cases, the law has gone through several notions and changes. Often when children are involved, the divorce case becomes all the more complicated and difficult to handle. In case the children are underage, then it becomes all the more complicated.When it comes to child custody, often the divorce case keeps resurfacing in the form of litigations. People who file for divorce do it under a lot of pressure, mixed feelings and emotions. Also, as the circumstances change in their life, they change their mind. So, if minor children are involved, the divorce terms change frequently with one of the parent appealing for custody repeatedly. It would be unfair not to look into it for the court, and that is why litigation and custody go hand in hand.

For a litigator, typically time means money, but when it comes to children, the time taken for the divorce takes a toll on them. It brings in a lot of uncertainty in their lives. Due to this the court assigns a child attorney so that they are taken care of in the right way legally. The child attorney will legally represent the child. They will convey the child's wishes which are taken into account by the divorce lawyer. The court makes sure that the decisions made by the divorce lawyers is least damaging to the children.

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Litigation And Custody

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